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February 20 2014

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we safely landed in malayasia and waiting in the golden lounge for transit in a few hours

February 17 2014

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this man is probably in his thirties. do i care? no. i’ll draw him in a hoodie if i want to. i’ll do whatever i damn well please

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These two ruined my life


hey repeat after me

  • jealousy is terrible
  • jealousy is terrible
  • jealousy is not cute
  • jealousy is terrible and can tear a person apart so please don’t make people jealous on purpose just to be an asshole
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baby satsuki (o´ω���o)


gettin gift art from your friends like


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Original by: 鯖まぐろ

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Just remember. There is no such thing as a fake geek girl.
There are only fake geek boys.
Science fiction was invented by a woman.


Specifically a teenage girl. You know, someone who would be a part of the demographic that some of these boys are violently rejecting.

Isaac Asimov.

yo mary shelley wrote frankenstein in 1818 and isaac asimov was born in 1920 so you kinda get my point

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"Oneechan/おねえちゃん���" ☆ KILL La KILL | コビ [pixiv] 

send me an OTP and i will tell you


  • who wakes the other one up with kisses
  • who cooks for who
  • who is the morning person/night person
  • who is the romantic one
  • who is the top when it comes to sex
  • who would lead in ballroom dancing
  • who is the more cuddly one
  • who is the one to most likely pick the movie they watch
  • who is the one who would pay for dates
  • who is the one who would initiate a quicky during classes
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lesbian kouao is everything to me

(if i ever have to draw furisode again in my life i will cry tears of blood)


i dont know if i want to be you or marry you

February 14 2014


Roses are Red
Kaijus are Blue
I’d like to pilot a Jaeger with you

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Shout out to all the olympic athletes competing on their periods

February 13 2014

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